Healthcare May Get More Affordable, But There Are Still Ways To Save On Insurance

The Supreme Court recently ruled the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was constitutional. This decisions is being applauded by a number of industry groups, as millions of Americans are expected to now qualify for cheaper health insurance. Because of this, many may no longer need a cash loan to cover an unexpected medical bill. One of the first groups to voice its support for the decision was America’s Health Insurance Plans (AHIP). The goal of providing affordable universal healthcare to millions of Americans is an initiative AHIP has long supported, Ignagni added. However, the added tax premium for coverage could inevitably be a burden to many households in the future.

But not every group supported the decision. Specifically, the National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) expressed its disapproval.

However, whether you need to save on health, auto or home insurance, according to Kiplinger, there are a number of costly missteps you can make even with the recent regulatory changes.
Setting Low Deductibles May Be Be Costly

If you have low deductibles on your health, auto and home insurance, you may up spending more on premiums than you can ever claim over a long period of time, says the website. In addition, having a low deductible may cause you to make small claims fairly often.

This could disqualify you from certain discounts. If done too often, though, an insurer could drop you altogether.
Inquire About Discounts

There are a number of discounts provided by insurance companies that you may qualify for. A simple failure to ask can be a costly mistake. While specific savings vary from company to company even with bad credit history, some are more common than others. For example, Kiplinger says you may be able to save on your home insurance if you install an alarm system. In addition, if you get a new job that has a shorter commute, this may cause your car insurance rates to drop.…


Dealing With A Flooded Vehicle To Get The Compensation You Deserve

In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, millions of Americans along the eastern seaboard are trying to piece their lives back together. Households strapped for cash in the aftermath may be able to budget for a payday loan to keep their financial footing.

One of the biggest impacts of Hurricane Sandy is the damage it inflicted on countless automobiles. Car owners who fell victim to the wrath of the storm should take the following steps to get back on the road.

Talk To Your Insurers ASAP
Because car insurance is legally required in most states, the majority of car owners may be in store for some financial relief. However, if they don’t have comprehensive coverage, which protects a car in situations other than accidents, they may be out of luck, according to CNNMoney.

Once you get in touch with your insurance company, they will likely send a claims adjuster to your area to assess the damage and determine how much compensation you deserve.

Prior to their arrival, take photos of any damage to document the occurrence. In certain situations you may cover up the vehicle to protect the interior and these visual records could ensure your get the proper funds for your trouble.

Refrain From Moving Your Vehicle
Unless it’s absolutely necessary, try to leave your vehicle where it is until inspected. If you move your car, an inspector may not be able to get an accurate idea of how the damage occurred and you may not be compensated.

Additionally, if the car was flooded, starting the engine before taking it to a mechanic may cause additional damage. However, if the seats inside the vehicle are dry, it’s unlikely the water reached a high enough level to cause engine damage. Just make sure to use your best judgment.

Another way to tell if water got into your engine is to check the air filter. This is a relatively simple task and can be accomplished just be popping the hood. If you consult your car’s manual, it will probably indicate where you can find the air filter. If you pull it out and it appears wet, don’t start your car or you will risk causing more damage.

Damaged Cars Flooding The Market
One of the major car market issues following a catastrophic event, such as Hurricane Sandy, are the number of water-damaged cars that can go up for sale in the aftermath.

If you are in the Northeast and are in the market to buy a used vehicle in the near future, use caution. Some owners, especially those without comprehensive insurance, may try to sell off vehicle with water damaged to unsuspecting buyers.

Although it can be difficult to determine if a car has water damage, the surest way to tell is to order a copy of the vehicle’s history. This document should outline where the vehicle in question has been located and you can get an idea if it was in the path of any major storms in the past.…


Beat the credit crunch with a payday cash advance!

“The Credit Crunch” – What was once a term used only by economists has now become so common-place that it has been added to the Oxford English Dictionary. World-over, the common man is now finding it increasingly difficult to obtain personal loans, under extremely challenging lending conditions. The situation is even worse for an individual with a bad credit history, as banks have become very gun shy about lending even small amounts and have made their lending criteria more stringent than ever.

When an unexpected expense is incurred, and some quick cash is required, banks and other loan companies in the United States are of little use. Borrowing from the bank corresponds to long lines, exhausting paperwork, and more often than not, a polite rejection. This is especially true if you have a previous history of defaulting on a loan, due to whatever reason. Money lenders, while easy to access, demand eye-watering interest rates, and sometimes, some kind of collateral against the loan taken. The prospects are therefore pretty grim for a potential borrower.

It is possible for individuals with a not-so-stellar credit history to obtain short term loans in using online payday lenders. Potential borrowers must however be advised that these loans should not be used to manage existing debt or as a regular source of credit. These instant loans are best used in case of financial emergencies, such as an unscheduled visit to the doctor’s office, a sudden unavoidable trip, or an ill-timed car breakdown. If an individual is absolutely sure that he/she can pay back the loan within the given time-frame, then using an on-line payday lender is the way to go. Another advantage of payday loans is that they can actually improve your credit rating, provided you repay the payday loan within the given time. Therefore, the more you repay your payday loans on time, the better your credit rating, and the easier it is for you to avail a loan in the future. Even though the interest rates for an online payday loan might seem high, taking out a payday loan is practically affordable provided the loan can be repaid within a short period of time, and the borrower has a clear grasp of the process of online payday lending.…


Payday loans and debt

While it is possible to live a life free of debt, most people will find the lure of low-interest credit cards and loans too much to turn down at some point or another. Often when you sign up for a new bank account, you will be offered a credit card with the account. With low interest rates and a relatively small amount of credit available on these cards, they can often seem a good idea to keep for emergencies. Similarly, a loan from your bank with low monthly repayment amounts that will allow you to afford a large purchase that you otherwise wouldn’t can seem an attractive proposition.

Payday loans and debt calcHowever, if your circumstances change, making you unable to meet repayments, or you misjudge the amount you have spent on your credit cards you could quickly find yourself in what seems like an inescapable debt cycle. It is also worth bearing in mind that aside from rent, tax and living expenses, things like mobile phone bills and unexpected utility bills can add to the amount you are expected to pay out monthly, leaving you struggling to make ends meet.

Quick fix payday loans
Short term payday loans can often seem like a quick fix to get you out of a spiraling debt trap, offering low amounts of instant cash to meet your repayments in the short term, and often offering what seems like a low fee to borrow the money (roughly $25 per $100 borrowed). But these loans also need to be paid off, and you are just adding to the debts you already have. If you could not afford to pay off the original repayments, you are unlikely going to be able to pay them off again the next month, especially with the cost of the loan thrown in. Once in this circumstance it is best to stop borrowing and draw up a debt-management plan to get yourself out of trouble.

Draw up a plan
Firstly, work out everything you owe. This will include rent and utilities, as well as your phone, internet and any loans and credit cards. Work out the exact cost of each repayment monthly, as well as the total amount owed in order to be sure of what exactly you need to be paying out.

Put your debts in order of importance. Food, shelter and taxes are the most important, so make sure you have added your rent and council tax into this, after these everything else can be ranked in order of which are the most urgent. Credit cards, any loans and gas and electricity bills are important, and will need to be paid, but are not as essential as basic living expenses so make sure these fall somewhere lower down on your list.

Following this, work out a budget which includes your most basic living expenses. This is food, travel, clothing and health essentials. Anything left over from this is your expendable cash and should be worked into a series of repayments for your creditors. Most companies will not penalise you as long as they know what is going on so contact all of your creditors to explain your situation and work out a plan with them. Only offer as much as you can afford so that you are able to stick to the plan you work out with each company, and you should be able to create a workable repayment plan for everyone.

Often it is a good idea to talk to your bank and see if you can get a large low-interest loan to consolidate your debts into one monthly payment, which will often work out much lower than what you have been paying, and also prevent you having to call around various companies if there is a further problem with your finances.

Finally, if you need some more tailored advice, there are a number of free institutions in the USA which can help you to get back on track. The Citizen’s Advice Bureau has various centers set up throughout the USA and will give you free and confidential advice. You might also want to try the Debt Advice Foundation (0800 043 40 50) or the National Debtline (0808 808 4000), which are again free services designed to give you advice specifically for your situation, helping you to solve your debt problems once and for all.…


Finance and the credit crunch: are USA families being pushed too far?

In the USA there are an average of 17.1 million families, they have an average of 1.8 children and an average income of $32,779. The average United States family owns at least one computer, at least 79 % have a mortgage and at least 80% own a mobile phone or device. These statistics tell us little about just how hard Brits have been hit by the credit crunch and the endless economic downsizing we are all told has engulfed us over the following years. What really is happening behind closed doors? Thank god for British journalists, as this story has now been broken, and it’s not good news for Mothers that like a large lunch.

According to the The Daily Telegraph, an average of seven in ten United States Families are teetering on the edge of survival, it has also been reported that one in twenty families are relying on payday loans to meet monthly costs and to keep the family household afloat. The headline grabber is however reserved for the story that many Mothers are having to skip meals so that their children can eat – simply because there isn’t enough food to feed everyone. In the wake of what we have been previously told is an obesity epidemic, it now seems that the USA is being swept behind with a splinter movement motivated by families purse strings. Lidl anyone?

One mum was quoted as saying. “”If it’s a choice between me or the kids eating, I will feed them. I have lost so much weight my clothes don’t fit but I can’t afford to buy any more.”

And the real story is…
More revealing statistics include that more than six in ten families are earning less income than in previous years. About 30% of United States families have had to borrow money from family and friends, another 24% are living on credit cards and even another 20% of families have resorted to taking bank loans out for everyday expenses. So forget the mid-drift I think the real meat on this ham and mayonnaise baguette is that families are still living beyond their means at a time when they are being paid less. While journalists spin this into a downsizing of the US’s waistline, I think the real message and what papers should be telling their readers is to start downsizing their lifestyles.

Understanding Payday Loans Online

Payday loans online should only be utilised as a last resort, this is because they are a short term, high interest loan that is repaid in under one month.
Everyone knows the advantages of these cash advances by now, no credit check, instant approval and 1 hour funding, yada yada yada. So here are some disadvantages.

Disadvantages of Payday Loans

Must be paid back in full including interest within thirty one days otherwise interest is accrued
Average rate of a payday loan ranges between 400% and even as high as 5,000% APR
Some payday lending companies can be deceptive in the information that they disclose to customers
Difficulty taking legal action against payday lenders…


Payday loans for students

May seem almost trivial but college students have plenty of expenses that they struggle to cover on a continuous basis as well. While most people have the ability to get a job and work more hours, most college students are struggling to work part time while attending school on a full time basis in order to complete their college degree as quickly as possible. Sounds like a reasonable and logical plan for most students, but on occasion something happens that disrupts the strength of their plan and it becomes urgently necessary to find some additional funds.

When this happens and the Bank of Mommy as well as Bank of Daddy have dried up it becomes necessary to take matters into their own hands. While most traditional banks will not touch college students because of a lack of established credit, most payday loan companies are more than willing to accommodate the college students. With expenses for living, medical and even tuition and books steadily rising each year many college students are facing having to work more hours just to stay even. Add to the mix a sudden emergency and these young adults are quickly headed towards a disaster.

While most adults have had the opportunity to learn and master budget skills, as well as work to build up a small emergency fund, most college students are simply struggling along from paycheck to paycheck. When the slightest thing goes wrong, their financial situation is thrown completely off track leaving them very vulnerable to collection agencies, overdraft fees and massive credit card debt. Using a payday loan can help avoid these problems by providing a small amount of cash that can be used to cover all of the unexpected expenses that appear.

You may think that students have no sudden expenses, but if a computer goes down, many are looking at a huge academic disaster. Additionally, increased living expense, transportation problems and even an unexpected illness can all create huge financial disaster. Adding to the financial woes of students is the fact that they tend to only be available odd hours which severely limits their ability to make money at many jobs and puts their paychecks even smaller than they would otherwise be. This combined with the lack of emergency savings leads to a very difficult situation quite quickly for many college students.

Working to create solutions to their financial woes is not always easy. After all, the most pressing need that most college students have is keeping their finances in order, while still attending school and getting the best grades possible. Many students are forced to attend school full time while only working part time or risk losing scholarships and grants that help them pay for much of their education. This leaves the option of reducing the course load and picking up additional hours at a job almost impossible.

As you can imagine, many young adults are quite confused and upset about what to do. Payday loans are a friendly and encouraging solution that allows the student to gain control over their finances again, rather than being forced to endure continued stress because of lack of money to cover urgent expenses. Paying bills while attending school on a full time basis is never easy, and handing those spontaneous expenses is even harder without the protection of an emergency account.…


Payday loans helping young families

The tragedy of payday is often more of a hassle than a joy. This is especially commonplace when you discover that your paycheck is not enough to cover bills, and the costs of living are again rising. Struggling to maintain order in your finances is often so complicated that many people simply give up and resort to living off of credit cards and struggling to pay the minimum payment each month. The families that are hit worse by the financial woes are those that are not old enough to have built up a nest egg or emergency fund to help in the difficult times.

Many young families are in this place almost on a weekly basis. Making matters worse is the fact that typically only a few hundred dollars would allow the family to regain complete control over their finances and put them back in charge of how things are going, rather than forcing them to continue being a pawn of the financial system. Working 40+ hours a week is never any fun, but working all of those hours each week and knowing that you still cannot pay all of your bills is even worse.

The payday loan has been a huge help, especially to young families. This allows borrowers to obtain the few hundred dollars they need to catch up bills. As an opportunity to get caught up and slightly ahead, the payday loan has been a huge source of help and inspiration to many young families that are struggling to climb the career ladder to success. As you can imagine, that ladder to success is fraught with numerous problems and can be a huge struggle to reach.

Getting to the top without losing everything financially is a huge struggle. Add a few kids to the mix, a house payment, insurance and even utilities and the struggle becomes almost unbearable rather quickly. Those who have not picked out their dream career yet are even worse off. They are struggling to work each week knowing that they are not happy in their job and still knowing that bills are not covered. For these families the payday loan is a magnificent thing. It provides a bit of money when times are rough and can help to ensure that everything can still be paid when it is due, rather than waiting until the bank account goes into the negative, or the power is cut off.

Taking out a small payday loan can be a huge lifesaver when there is an emergency as well. Young families do not have the time or the resources to acquire a nice sized emergency fund, and working on a daily basis is almost impossible to get ahead. Yet working constantly is necessary to pay the majority of the bills. Using a payday loan responsibly can help to ensure that aside from the normal daily struggles that accompany a new family there is enough money in the bank to cover those bills or emergencies that suddenly appear.

While many people think that payday loans are horrible, many young families are simply unable to survive without them. Providing a small amount of money when it is needed most they can save hundreds of dollars in bounced check fees and help ensure that everything is covered on time, rather than causing continued stress in the household.…