Dealing With A Flooded Vehicle To Get The Compensation You Deserve

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In the wake of Hurricane Sandy, millions of Americans along the eastern seaboard are trying to piece their lives back together. Households strapped for cash in the aftermath may be able to budget for a payday loan to keep their financial footing.

One of the biggest impacts of Hurricane Sandy is the damage it inflicted on countless automobiles. Car owners who fell victim to the wrath of the storm should take the following steps to get back on the road.

Talk To Your Insurers ASAP
Because car insurance is legally required in most states, the majority of car owners may be in store for some financial relief. However, if they don’t have comprehensive coverage, which protects a car in situations other than accidents, they may be out of luck, according to CNNMoney.

Once you get in touch with your insurance company, they will likely send a claims adjuster to your area to assess the damage and determine how much compensation you deserve.

Prior to their arrival, take photos of any damage to document the occurrence. In certain situations you may cover up the vehicle to protect the interior and these visual records could ensure your get the proper funds for your trouble.

Refrain From Moving Your Vehicle
Unless it’s absolutely necessary, try to leave your vehicle where it is until inspected. If you move your car, an inspector may not be able to get an accurate idea of how the damage occurred and you may not be compensated.

Additionally, if the car was flooded, starting the engine before taking it to a mechanic may cause additional damage. However, if the seats inside the vehicle are dry, it’s unlikely the water reached a high enough level to cause engine damage. Just make sure to use your best judgment.

Another way to tell if water got into your engine is to check the air filter. This is a relatively simple task and can be accomplished just be popping the hood. If you consult your car’s manual, it will probably indicate where you can find the air filter. If you pull it out and it appears wet, don’t start your car or you will risk causing more damage.

Damaged Cars Flooding The Market
One of the major car market issues following a catastrophic event, such as Hurricane Sandy, are the number of water-damaged cars that can go up for sale in the aftermath.

If you are in the Northeast and are in the market to buy a used vehicle in the near future, use caution. Some owners, especially those without comprehensive insurance, may try to sell off vehicle with water damaged to unsuspecting buyers.

Although it can be difficult to determine if a car has water damage, the surest way to tell is to order a copy of the vehicle’s history. This document should outline where the vehicle in question has been located and you can get an idea if it was in the path of any major storms in the past.

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